In this episode of Pact’s “Yes, We Do Adopt” podcast, Malaika Parker is joined by Dr. SooJin Pate to explore themes of anti-racist parenting, rest and respite from white supremacy culture, and the importance of dreaming.

SooJin  is an educator, writer, and DEI consultant dedicated to centering the lives and experiences of historically marginalized peoples. She’s an alumna of Howard University and the University of Minnesota and was named Educator of the Year (2014) and Ally of the Year (2013) by Macalester College. She’s the author of From Orphan to Adoptee: U.S. Empire and Genealogies of Korean Adoption, co-host of the Antiracist Parenting Podcast, and co-editor of the anthology-in-progress Ode to George: Reflections on George Floyd’s Memorial Site at 38th & Chicago. She volunteers with MPD150 to sow seeds of abolition and is a proud steward of Million Artist Movement.

Listen here.