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There is always more to learn! Whether you are an adopted person or foster care alum, a first/birth parent, a prospective adopter, an adoptive parent, a caring family or community member, an adoption professional or a researcher, Pact has a wealth of adoption resources to help you learn more about the complexities of adoption, race, parenting, and families.

For more information about live and pre-recorded webinars, please see Lifelong Learning.

 “Below the Surface: a learning tool for prospective transracial adopters” is a self-assessment guide developed by Pact for adoptive families considering adoption across racial or cultural lines. Purchase here.

Adoption Resources – Publications and Videos

Learn from the experts. A diverse array of adult adoptees, first parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals and scholars have written in-depth, original essays, articles, and fact sheets for Pact. Check out some of our most popular and timely publications on:

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