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Pact is a different kind of adoption organization

We serve adopted children of color and their families.

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Honest • Child-Centered • Anti-Racist
Lifelong education, support, and community for adoptees of color and the people who love them.


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Adopted youth & adults of color

On the lifelong journey of adoption, Pact is here for you. Pact provides adoptees of color—youth and adults—with support and community. We offer counseling, youth clubs, family camps, adult support groups, and mentoring opportunities. We believe that adoptees are the experts on the experience of being adopted.

Pregnant/​​expectant parents

We provide anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy with honest, compassionate counseling. We encourage you to explore ALL your options. If you decide adoption is right for your baby, we can connect you with parents of color who are qualified, prepared, and eager to adopt a child of color.

First/birth family members

Birth/first parents are valued members of our Pact community and our staff. You are welcome in our support groups, counseling services, family camps, and educational programs. Pact rejects the stigma associated with relinquishing a child. We believe you are important to your child.

Adoptive parents of color

Yes, We Do Adopt! Disrupting racist adoption practices that center the needs of white people, Pact actively seeks out and supports people of color who are considering adopting, and we provide education and support designed specifically for adoptive parents of color. Will you join our vibrant community?

Transracial adoptive parents

If you are adopting, or already parenting, across racial lines, Pact can coach you on specific strategies for nurturing your child’s racial identity. If you are white, we can help you recognize personal and systemic racism, learn how racism will impact your child, and become an anti-racist parent.

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Pact Family Camps

Pact Family Camps are weeklong summer retreats where adopted children of color and their families share life-changing experiences and build community while learning from experts and from one another about adoption, race, and identity.

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Pact Youth Clubs

Pact’s Tween & Teen Clubs connect adopted and fostered youth of color with peers who get them. We have a lot of fun times and deep talks! Club members are mentored by adult adoptees and other mentors of color as they explore adoption, race, family and identity.

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Lifelong Learning

Education about adoption, race, identity and family is at the heart of Pact’s mission, because educated individuals change lives and change the world. Offerings include webinars, conferences and family days.

Support Groups

Adopted Adults of Color

A group exclusively for adoptees and former foster youth of color. You can be you in all your beautiful complexity.

First/Birth Families

A group for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles by birth of children placed for adoption.

Adoptive Parents of Color

A space for adoptive parents of color to build community, receive support, and reflect on our shared experiences.

Transracial Adoptive Parents

A “brave space” to build community and have honest, race-conscious conversations about the joys and challenges of transracial adoption.

Adoptive/Foster Parents of Teens & Young Adults

Connect with others parenting older children and young adults to discuss the challenges and transitions your families are facing.

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LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents

A safe space for LGBTQ+ parents to find community and talk about the joys and challenges of adoptive and foster parenting children of color, and intersections with our own queer identities.


Parenting Tune-Ups

Expert advice and support for adoptive parents with children of all ages, on any issues related to parenting, adoption and/or race.

Search & Reunion

Helping adoptees and/or parents (birth or adoptive) find one another and open closed adoptions.

Transracial Parenting

Should you adopt across racial lines? How can you be a better transracial parent?

Center for Race and Adoption Focused Therapy

Pact offers high-quality therapy services for adopted youth and adults of color and their families. Our team of vetted, licensed adoption-sensitive therapists of color understand the intersections of adoption, race, and parenting (CA residents only).


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Pregnant, considering your options?

We provide anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy with honest, balanced, compassionate counseling. We encourage you to explore ALL your options without pressure. If you decide adoption is right for your baby, we can connect you with parents of color who are qualified, prepared, and eager to adopt a child of color.

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Looking to adopt?

We work with prospective adopters to make sure you are prepared for the complexities and joys of adoption. In our child-centered, ethical, anti-racist adoption practice, we actively seek out and support adoptive parents of color. As a licensed, full-service adoption agency, we work with families from all states.

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Professionals looking to collaborate?

Pact is a licensed, full-service adoption agency in the State of California and a national thought leader modeling an ethical, anti-racist approach to adoption. We measure our success not by how effectively we help adults, but how effectively we meet the needs of children of color. We always have pre-adoptive parents of color available for children in need of placement.

Support Pact

Thank you for helping us sustain our work with and for adopted children of color and their families. We couldn’t do it without you!

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