Support Groups

Children need support on the lifelong journey of adoption — and so do adults.

Connecting with other people who share your experiences helps you thrive. That’s why Pact is committed to creating safe, supportive, no-cost spaces where all members of the adoption triad—including former foster youth and adult adoptees of color, first/birth family members, and adoptive and foster parents of children of color—can build community with peers who understand them.

You can attend a support group every month, or drop in occasionally. Virtual meetings are held via Zoom; in-person meetings are generally held at Pact headquarters in Emeryville, CA.

Most support groups are FREE to all members of the communities they serve, and all groups are free to Pact members. Pre-registration for each meeting is required. Register on our Events page.

Find your people
in one or more of Pact’s ongoing support groups:

Adult Adoptees & Former Foster Youth of Color

A group exclusively for adoptees and former foster youth of color. You can be you in all your beautiful complexity!

  • Virtual meetings: first Tuesday of each month, 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern)
  • In-person meetings: first Tuesday of each month, 7pm, San Francisco Bay Area

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Adoptive Parents of Color Collaborative

For BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) adoptive and foster parents. Yes, We Do Adopt! A space for adoptive parents of color to build community, receive support and reflect on shared experiences.

  • Virtual meetings: fourth Tuesday of each month, 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern)

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First/Birth Families

This group provides a safe, supportive community for those related by birth to a child placed in adoption or foster care. This group is for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles by birth of children placed for adoption.

  • Virtual meetings: fourth Wednesday of each month, 4pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern)

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Transracial Adoptive Parents

A “brave space” to build community and have honest, race-conscious conversations about the joys and challenges of transracial adoption. Pact membership required.

  • Virtual meetings: first Wednesday of each month, 4 pm Pacific Time (7pm Eastern)

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Adoptive Parents of Teens & Young Adults

A safe space where adoptive and foster parents of teens and young adults of color can talk about the parenting challenges. Pact membership required.

Virtual meetings: third Wednesday of each month, 4:00pm Pacific Time (7:00pm Eastern); groups for parents of 12-16 year olds and 16-28 year olds

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Special Affinity Groups

Special affinity group meetings are offered in response to community needs. Examples include Asian/Pacific Islander adults (from all triad positons), Black adults (all triad positions), and families in open adoption. Check our Events page for upcoming meetings.


Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be valuable tools for seeking and sharing information and building community. Pact maintains private Facebook groups for members of different communities; click links below to request access to one or more.

We strive to make our programs as inclusive as possible—if you are part of a group that you feel could benefit from Pact support, please contact us.