Free “Spread the Love” Pact Membership

Generous donors have funded a limited number of free 1-year Pact memberships for individuals and families who are joining Pact for the first time. You (and your family) are eligible if you have not held a Pact membership before and belong to any of the following groups:
  • Adoptive parents or prospective adoptive parents of color (71 still available).
  • White adoptive parents of a child of color (66 still available).
  • Adult adoptees or former foster youth of color (70 still available).
  • First/birth parents of a child of color (62 still available).
Priority will be given to individuals and families with household income below $200K. These free memberships are not available to organizations, or to adoption professionals who do not belong to one of the categories above.
If you are eligible, please complete the below form to apply for your free 1-year membership.

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