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Webinar: A Developmental Approach to Transracial Adoption

Start time/date: June  5, 2019 11:00 AM
End time/date: June  5, 2019 12:30 PM
Place: Webinar
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A Developmental Approach to Trasracial Adoption

Are you planning a transracial adoption (either domestic or international), or are you already parenting across racial lines? In order to successfully meet your child’s needs, you must be prepared to think about, learn about, and talk about race and racism as well as understand white privilege and how to honestly interrogate your own whiteness. We will explore how these issues impact you and your child throughout their developmental stages. We will review some race facts in America, talk about why race matters in transracial adoption, and offer a developmental approach to talking about race with children hearing directly from a transracial adoptee and a transracial adoptive parent about the challenges and strengths of transracial adoption. This webinar will not support a “color-blind” but rather a “color-affirming” approach. Other topics covered include how to handle questions/comments about your “visible” family, and building a diverse community for your multiracial family. This workshop is designed for transracial adoptive parents as well as professionals working with these families.

Educational objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Give examples of age appropriate ways to talk about race with children when you are white.
  2. Explain how race matters in adoption.
  3. Identify concrete tools to support and advocate for your child of color at different stages of development.
  4. Describe the intersectionality of race, adoption and class and how it affects pre-adoptive and adoptive transracial families.
  5. Apply first-hand knowledge from adoptive parents, currently parenting transracially, on how they have addressed their children’s needs throughout developmental stages.


Instructor: Katie Stickles-Wynen, MSW ACSW #34328

Position: Adoption Case Manager/Pre-Placement Specialist

Experience: Katie is a transracial/international Colombian adoptee who has worked with the adoption community since 2006. One-on-one and in group settings, Katie has worked with adoptees ranging from age 5-55, and both transracial and same-race adoptive parents. Katie leads the Adult Adoptees of Color support group in the East Bay and supports adult adoptee programming for the annual Pact Family Camp. 

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