Pact Family Camp Counselors

Thank you for your interest in joining the Pact Family Camp Team. We are always looking for dedicated, compassionate people to work as Team Counselors with our campers ages 1-18 years old.

What we look for in our counselors:

  • Adults of Color who are able to serve as role models to our campers
  • Individuals with experience working with youth (the more the better)
  • Individuals with direct experience with adoption and/or foster care (self or close family member)

The Importance of Counselors at Pact Family Camp: Pact Campers are surrounded by amazing role models! Almost all of the counselors at Pact Family Camp are young adults of color, and many are themselves adopted or products of the foster care system. In addition, many of the featured speakers are adult adoptees of color. At Pact Family Camp, kids who feel different on a daily basis get a chance to be surrounded and validated by people who understand where they are coming from and share their experiences. Creating alliances with the children’s heritage communities is critical year-round- for some children with white parents, relationships with counselors may be the first intimate experience they have had with adults of color.

Camp Locations

Pact Family Camp will be held at two locations this year: Pact Camp West & Pact Camp East. You can apply to be a counselor at either.

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To Apply

Counselors must be 21 years old or older by the start of camp and have some experience with children and/or youth. Read more about what we are looking for in our Counselor staff. * If you are under 21 or are looking for training in working with adopted and foster youth, please check out our CIT Program. If you are interested in being a Counselor at Pact Family Camp, please fill out our online application. Once your application is received and reviewed, the Camp Director will contact you to schedule an interview.

New Counselor Application

Counselor Job Description

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Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program

We are looking for energetic, motivated adoptees and/or foster-care alum, people of color, or others who are personally impacted by or sympathetic to the adoption/foster care community.

As a CIT at Pact Family Camp, you’ll develop your leadership and mentoring skills through hands-on experience as a counselor to young campers, with supervision and training from the CIT Program Coordinator, in community with our amazing team of experienced camp counselors. You’ll also get the opportunity to gain valuable experience while learning from experts in the fields of adoption, race, and child development. It’s a great way to build professional experience and give back to the community.

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Camp Locations

Pact Family Camp will be held at two locations this year: Pact Camp West & Pact Camp East. You can apply to be a CIT at either or both.

To Apply

You must be 18 to 21 years old and have your high school diploma or GED to apply to be a Counselor-in-Training at Pact Family Camp!

If you are interested in being a CIT at Pact Family Camp, please fill out this online form: CIT Application. Once your application is received (after January 1st), the program coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview.

Upon acceptance into the program, CITs must participate in 1-2 sessions of training before camp begins as well as daily training opportunities with the program coordinator who will serve as an educator and mentor. You must be present for the entire Pact Family Camp; you will be provided with accommodations and all meals. After Camp, CITs are included in ongoing communications and programming for counselors over the course of the following year, and will receive an evaluation of their performance after the program is completed. Those who are interested and have received positive reviews are invited to return to the program in future years as well but there is no guarantee of future employment based on participation in the CIT program.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on January 1st, and ending on April 30th or when the program is full, at which point the application process will be closed.


There is a $250 administration fee to participate. This fee will cover all programming, meals, and lodging. CITs are expected to provide their own transportation to the Camp sites. Pact sometimes receives donations from participating Camp families, some of which are distributed to those who have participated in the CIT program (between $200 - $350 per CIT on average), although this is neither required nor guaranteed.

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